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About LSI

The vision of Lean Solutions Institute, Inc. (LSI) is to be recognized worldwide as the leader in helping clients to become lean, to help clients achieve lean measurable results (e.g., 7:1 ROI), and to provide clients with best-in-class Lean SolutionsT - (e.g., processes, metrics, checklists, templates, etc).

Achieve measurable lean results with LSI:

Achieve measurable ROI (e.g., 7:1 ROI)
Increase productivity, performance and quality
Reduce cycle time/schedule
Reduce defects, rework and costs of poor quality
Reduce post-release defects (i.e., defects visible to your
customers or external failure defects)
Achieve world-class results (e.g., 80-90% early defect detection)

The LSI mission is to provide leadership for helping organizations to become lean, and to help client organizations to measurably:

Become world-class quality leaders in their respective markets (e.g., using benchmarking).
Increase quality, productivity, and performance (e.g., lower defect density, improved cost performance index, etc).
Reduce the cost of poor quality (e.g., waste, rework, scrap, etc).
Apply Lean Solutions™ - (e.g., processes, metrics, checklists, templates, etc) to practice.

A summary of the LSI strategy is to:

Provide best-in-class training and Lean SolutionsT - (e.g., processes, metrics, checklists, templates) to help organizations become lean and achieve measurable results.
Develop an excellent reputation with clients of meeting and exceeding their needs so that LSI can develop long-term relationships and repeat business.
Continue to develop measurable success stories with strategic lean clients.
Provide the most knowledgeable and experienced lean consultants at a competitive price.
Partner with other lean organizations to provide best practices.

There is Currently No Public Training Scheduled.

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