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Biography of Timothy G. Olson Mr. Timothy G. Olson is Founder and President of Lean Solutions Institute, Inc. (LSI). While performing training and consulting, Mr. Olson has helped numerous organizations measurably improve quality, productivity, and performance, save millions of dollars in costs of poor quality (e.g., rework), and  has helped numerous organizations reach higher Software Engineering Institute (SEI) maturity levels.  Mr. Olson is a leader in defining lean processes in systems engineering, software engineering, and CMMI.  Mr. Olson is also a Juran Institute Associate.
Lean Solutions Institute, Inc. Lean Solutions Institute, Inc. (LSI) provides Lean Solutions® in many different areas:
  • Lean Solutions® - Process (e.g., short, usable processes)
  • Lean Solutions® - Metrics (e.g., award winning measurement framework)
  • Lean Solutions® - Requirements (e.g., defining “good requirements”)
  • Lean Solutions® - Early Defect Detection (e.g., remove most defects early in the process and achieve 7:1 ROI).
  • Lean Solutions® - CMMI (e.g., 25-50% the size of typical CMMI processes in industry)
SEI Process Program Mr. Olson was employed at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) for almost 7 years in the Process Program.  He was one of the lead-developers of SEI Process Assessments, and was lead-author of the SEI report “Conducting SEI-Assisted Software Process Assessments” with Mr. Watts Humphrey.   Mr. Olson also was a lead-author of the SEI training course “Defining Software Processes”; a lead-author of the SEI handbook entitled “A Software Process Framework for the Capability Maturity Model”, CMU/SEI-94-HB-01; and helped lead the first SEI clients up CMM® Levels.

®CMM is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.
Education and Interests Mr. Olson received a Masters of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  Mr. Olson also audited most of the Masters of Software Engineering courses at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  He also worked part-time with the University of Minnesota as an Adjunct Professor developing and teaching software quality courses in the Masters Program in Computer Science.  Mr. Olson is a senior member of ASQ, and a member of IEEE and NDIA.  Mr. Olson has been formally trained in Crosby, Deming, Juran, ISO, CMM, CMMI and Six Sigma quality approaches.  Mr. Olson’s research interests include applying lean principles to complex processes, CMMI, systems engineering processes, software engineering processes, service industry, medical industry, as well as many other industries.


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