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Lean Principles

The top three reasons for failure in quality improvement efforts are:
Lack of executive leadership and sponsorship for quality
The "middle management black hole"
The failure to manage the "people side of improvement"

The TWELVE lean principles of successful improvement efforts:
Establish customer-defined value (i.e., identify the
“value stream”)
Process = “Value Added”
Continuously eliminate non-value added activities
(e.g., waste, rework, defects)
Reduce and manage complexity
Use leadership and standardization to create a lean culture
Align your organization through visual communication
Use lean metrics to manage value
Create an optimized process flow (e.g., “pull”, JIT, “leveled”)
Adapt technology to fit your people and processes
Front-Load the process for maximum design space
Establish a learning organization to build a lean culture
Strive for perfection through continuous improvement

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