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Defining Best-In-Class Processes Training

Introduction Are your processes too large, hard to use, or lack pictures?  Is your organization struggling with how to define “good processes”?  If so, then Defining Best-In-Class Processes Training is for you. Lean Solutions Institute, Inc. (LSI) is a provider of best-in-class quality and process training.

NOTE: This training exceeds CMMI® Organizational Process Definition (OPD) requirements.

®CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.
Common Problems with Documentation Common problems with process documentation include:

Difficult to use
Lack of pictures, diagrams, tables, charts, etc.
Large and complex
Lack of “chunking” (7 plus or minus 2 principle)
Mixing different information types together (e.g., policies, standards, processes, procedures)
Violates good writing principles
Defining the Elements of a Process In order to define a “good process”, the 5 W's must be defined (who, what, where, when, and why).  This training course will teach you how to define the 5 W's in a diagram (i.e., a process model), and teach you how to define critical process elements such as:

Process purpose
Entry and exit criteria
Inputs and outputs
Process roles and activities
Process measurements
Procedures that support the “how” of the process (e.g., checklists, forms, etc.)
Training Objectives The training objectives for Defining Best-In-Class Processes are for training participants to:
Understand the common problems with processes and procedures
Understand the human aspects of processes and procedures
Learn best practices for defining processes
Learn how to perform process modeling and handle complexity
Learn to integrate policies, standards, processes, and procedures into a process guide/website.
There is also time set aside within each exercise to answer any of your questions.
Training Description This training course will teach you the motivation, knowledge, and skills that you will need to define your organization’s processes at a best-in-class level. Best-in-class processes are usable, concise, and have many pictures.  Defining Best-In-Class Processes Training will teach you how to define processes using a powerful process modeling approach that will cover:

Process Planning: Planning processes to meet customer needs.
Process Requirements: Defining process requirements (e.g., ISO, CMMI, etc).
Process Design: Designing processes for any process representation.
Process Modeling: How to model processes (pictures that address the 5 Ws).
Process Verification: Verifying processes against the requirements and the design.
Process Validation: Validating that the processes have met the customer needs.
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